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Keeping healthy

Healthy living is for everyone. We can all make small changes that will improve our physical and mental health.

You can reduce your risk of long-term health conditions, such heart disease, strokes, cancer or diabetes, by making healthier choices.

Find out how you can, stop smokingkeep activeeat healthier, lose weight and cut your alcohol intake.

As you get older, you can stay healthy by making the right choices. But, sometimes you may experience health problems. Find you how to reduce your risks and manage long-term health problems.

Health conditions

If you have a long-term health condition, such as diabetes, there is advice and information in this section to help you look after yourself better.

Mental health and wellbeing

There are five simple steps to improving your mental health and wellbeing and you can find information if you are concerned about mental illness.

There is more information at NHS Choices.

Your guide to health services

Information about how to access health services, and advice about simple things you can do for yourself.

End of life

Also called palliative care, this section has information about services that can help you and practical advice about dying and bereavement.

 Healthwatch logo

Healthwatch is the independent consumer champion for health and social care. The aim of Healthwatch Somerset is to give individuals and communities a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided locally. They want to hear from you about your experiences so that they can tell services your needs and create the best local services. You can use the website to rate a service or share your views.