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Information about Social Care

If you have a care and support need that significantly affects your wellbeing, for example, with your personal care, staying independent and keeping safe, you can ask someone from Social Care to talk with you, and the people who matter to you.

You can phone them, or contact them through this website. Call advisors will explain things to you and give you information and advice. If they feel that a care and support assessment would be most suitable, they will make sure your information is passed to your local Social Care team.

Someone will then arrange to talk with you so that they can better understand your situation. Together you will work out what you would like to achieve. This could be by suggesting things that you can arrange yourself, by providing some short-term support to help you, or providing you with funding for longer-term support, if you are eligible.

Social Care must have your wellbeing at the heart of everything they do, whether you are talking with a call advisor, reading information they provide, talking with a social worker about your care needs, or when they help you to write your care and support plan.

If you care for someone, for example a family member, Social Care can talk with you about your caring role. Using similar eligibility criteria they may also be able to provide money for you to arrange things to continue in your role.

If you need help to understand Social Care, or someone to speak up for you, or help with money, we have information about organisations you can contact, or who Social Care can contact on your behalf.

Information and advice in this section