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Self help

If you are not sure what you need you can answer questions to help you find information and services.  

You can complete the questions for yourself or on behalf of someone else. If you need someone to help you please see our information about advocates or contact us.

Start now

Please note, if you are not logged in and wish to return to your last submitted form data, you must first login before proceeding, otherwise your last submitted form data will be overwritten.

You can watch this video to help you get started:

Questions are divided into topics and you should choose 'yes' for the questions that you would like to know more about and skip any which do not apply to you.

You may be asked some further questions so that we can better understand what you need. When you reach the end you will be shown a summary of information and services based on the answers you gave. You can come back to your summary results by choosing 'self-help' from the site menu.

Your results may show that you might benefit from talking to someone in social care. An option to complete a request for contact is always available at the end of your summary.

Anyone is entitled to a social care assessment, but you will only get help in paying for care and support if you meet the national eligibility criteria.