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If you can't find the services or products you are looking for, you can ask service providers if they can help. If you can't find the information you are looking for, let us know.

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  1. Lifeline Monitoring Service

    From: Deane Helpline

    The Deane Helpline is someone you can contact for help, in your own home, by simply touching a button.  Whether it is a major emergency or a minor worry, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It is designed to respond to people's call for help and it is available...

  2. Hospital Discharge Care

    From: Live In Care (Trusted Care At Home)

    Hospital discharge care planning is a term used when a person leaves hospital once they are sufficiently recovered. Before a person is discharged, their needs must be assessed so that any support or care services that they need can be arranged before...

  3. New, refurbished and rental stairlifts in Somerset and the Mendips

    From: Suttons Stairlifts & Mobility

    Mark Sutton, who decided to set up a stair lift business after his father was stung by a pushy and aggressive stair lift installation company, is delighted to have been successfully trading for over 4 years. Suttons Stairlifts is a family-run business...

  4. Sitting Services

    From: Atkins Home Support

    If your carer needs a break or you just want company.

  5. Direct Payments

    From: Heather at Home

    If you have been assessed and are eligible for a Direct Payment and would like personalised support, I might be able to help. I have worked in social care for 16 years and have experience of working with people with a wide range of disabilities, including...

  6. KeyRing Living Support Networks

    From: KeyRing Living Support Network

    In a KeyRing Network 9 people living in their own homes (Members), not far from each other. A KeyRing volunteer also lives nearby and provides around 14 hours of flexible support each week to the Network. KeyRing Members can attend 2 community hub sesions...

  7. Community Activities

    From: Heather at Home

    Support and advise to access local community activities.  This could be simply providing information of local groups or providing transport and support to attend groups.

  8. KeyRing Support

    From: KeyRing Living Support Network

    KeyRing can provide flexible, one to one support by the hour. This can be housing related support, support with budgeting, independent living skills, or working towards anything you would like to achieve.   Area: Mendip, Somerset

  9. Shopping

    From: Focus Care and Support

    I can assist you with going shopping or do your shopping for you if you are unable to. 

  10. Shopping

    From: Atkins Home Support

    Take you shopping or do it for you.

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