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  1. Lifeline GSM unit

    From: Aster Living

    An alarm unit that is not reliant on a traditional phone line, it will work with a mobile sim card.  Connected to a monitoring centre 24hrs a day, everyday of the year.  Once activated via the unit or pendant our experienced call handler will establish...

  2. Heat Detector

    From: Aster Living

    Provides additional protection against the risk of fire in rooms where smoke detectors can't go. e.g. Kitchens. This sensor can diffentiate between fire smoke and smoke that comes from burnt toast.

  3. Careline Fall Detector

    From: Careline 365

    The Careline Fall Detector Yearly Plan includes: Careline Alarm Base Unit Careline Intelligent Fall Detector Pendant – automatically raises the alarm when a fall is detected. Can also be used as a standard alarm button. Water resistant – can be worn in...

  4. Pillow Alert

    From: Aster Living

    Pillow Alerts are designed for people with hearing difficulties.  Can be linked to smoke alarms which when activated will make the pillow alert vibrate to wake the sleeping user. These can be linked to a number of sensors that will wake the carer who...

  5. Smoke Detector

    From: Aster Living

    If smoke is detected in your home, the sensor will alert you and the monitoring centre instantly.

  6. Locators

    From: Aster Living

    A go anywhere, anytime personal emergency alarm, providing confidence for you and anyone who cares for you.  A locator will provide you and your family/carers with the freedom and reassurance wanted.  If you are unsure of your location or need assistance...

  7. Fall Detector

    From: Aster Living

    Automatically raises an alarm when a fall is detected without the user activating the alarm, also has a manual activation button, so no need for an additional pendant.  Can be worn on the wrist, around the neck or waist. 

  8. Flood Detector

    From: Aster Living

    Provides early warning of potential flood situations in the home, can be useful where forgetfulness is becoming an issue.  The sensor can be placed by the bath, sink, toilet, radiator leaks if activated an alert is sent to the monitoring centre where...

  9. Pager Solution

    From: Aster Living

    The pager solution immediately alert users or their in home carers when a dispersed alarm or sensor is activated, they can be linked to pillow buzzers so that they can alert those who may be hard of hearing or sleeping.

  10. Bed/Chair Occupancy Sensor

    From: Aster Living

    Provides an early warning by alerting the monitoring centre when the user has left their chair/bed and not returned within a set time. Timings can be set to the customers requirements.

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