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  1. Syncra Height Adjustable Bath with Seat

    From: Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd

    Introducing the new Syncra Standard Modular bath, designed to offer comfortable and safe independent and assisted bathing.  The fully powered transfer seat and bath are operated at the touch of a button, allowing for quick, comfortable and easy bathing...

  2. Kiva Height Adjustable Bath

    From: Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd

    The Kiva bath has been designed and built without compromise, with generous internal and external dimensions. The Kiva is one of the first capacious baths on the market that looks and feels like a true classic bath and has been specifically designed to...

  3. CTM Manual Changing Table

    From: Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd

    As overhead hoists become more popular, many people find themselves buying electric height-adjustable changing tables just to move the stretcher bed to different heights for different carers. Where an overhead hoist is installed, or a mobile hoist is...

  4. Sale Sanichair

    From: Arden Care Supplies Ltd

    The Sale Sanichair is designed to be used either as a mobile commode or as a sanichair for use over an existing toilet bowl. It has 4 castors, 2 of which are braked for added safety. The arm rests are detachable which makes user transfer easier and it...

  5. Mona Mobile Changing Bench

    From: Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd

    Introducing the next generation of mobile examination dress and changing tables. The Mona has been designed with the clients comfort in mind, along with easy use for the carer. As with all Astor-Bannerman products, the Mona is manufactured from the best...

  6. Lenham Height Adjustable Mobile Commode

    From: Arden Care Supplies Ltd

    The Lenham height adjustable Mobile Commode offers maximum flexibility; the Lenham Mobile Commode can be adjusted in height so can glide over most raised toilet seats and clear most cisterns. As with the Linton Mobile Commode (VR164/VR166), the Lenham...

  7. Nivano Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Changing Table

    From: Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd

    Our easy-to-operate multi-purpose height-adjustable shower and changing tables come in standard lengths from 1200 to 1900mm, with a weight capacity of 135kg as standard and a 200kg model available. Non-standard sizes are also available. The Nivano changing...

  8. Bathing

    From: Finesse Healthcare Solutions

    Our carers are able to assist you with getting in and out of the bath or shower and also can aid you with any help you may need with washing, cleaning and drying yourself. Our personal cares service  is provided in such a way that is caring & compassionate...

  9. Avero Height Adjustable Bath

    From: Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd

    The Avero is the latest generation of patient handling disabled baths. This beautifully designed tub has been sculptured to give the maximum internal size with a minimum external dimension of around two meters, giving the client the plenty of room to move...

  10. Cannock Commode

    From: Arden Care Supplies Ltd

    The Cannock commode with extending legs is designed for ease of use and storage, and is manufactured with splayed legs to provide additional stability. This commode also has removable arms allowing for easier user transfer. The extending legs provide...

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