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  1. ClearVision Project

    From: Clearvision Project

    The library service (including postage) is free for families, who can borrow six books at a time and change them as often as they like. Schools, libraries and visual impairment services pay a heavily-subsidised £50.00 per year for up to 20 books; the...

  2. Assisting active people living with memory impairment

    From: Helping to Remember...

    For active people living with memory impairment or early onset of dementia. Individual assistance offered to people who are faced with memory impairment either due to a sudden trauma (such as a stroke) or from the effects of the early onset of age-related...

  3. Convalescence Care at Home

    From: CL Lifestyles Home Care

    Convalescence at Home This service is aimed at being a short term solution to support the recovery, recuperation and reablement after a time of illness, hospitalisation or falls and accidents. We work with you, your medical practitioners, physiotherapist...

  4. Palliative Care/End of Life Care at Home

    From: CL Lifestyles Home Care

    Palliative Care/End of Life Care at Home A home care service which provides care and support in the relief of pain and other distressing symptoms of life threatening or terminal illness. The aim is to enhance quality of life and to offer support through...

  5. Waking Night Support at Home

    From: CL Lifestyles Home Care

    Night Care at Home This type of care and support service is provided to give care, support and peace of mind throughout the night. The night care service we offer can be provided anywhere; either at home, or for added care and support, in hospital, in...

  6. Enabling Technology Limited

    Enabling Technology Ltd aims to supply the most appropriate and cost-effective Assistive Technology solutions for people of all ages with learning, physical or visual impairment.  We draw on over fifteen years of experience in our field and use a wide...

  7. Return from hospital support

    From: Care South Home Care

    Returning from hospital to recover from an operation can be a daunting experience. Make this stress free by contacting our home care service to prepare your house for your return, stocking your fridge, putting the heating on or cleaning the house – whatever...

  8. Shopping Service

    From: Care South Home Care

    Shopping on your own can sometimes be difficult, impossible or just plain boring. We can provide transport and accompany you on a shopping trip; help you prepare a shopping list and go shopping for you or assist you to shop online for groceries or Christmas...

  9. Guided Relaxation

    From: Amphora Trainings

    These guided sessions;will help you to induce a state of total mind-body relaxation. Concentrate on your breathing, fill your body with air.....and when you are ready, release the breath, let it flood out naturally. Feel yourself relaxing as you gradually...

  10. Accessible Weekend Breaks

    From: Calvert Trust Exmoor

    An activity holiday at Calvert Trust Exmoor is a fantastic opportunity to experience exciting and enjoyable adventurous activities specifically designed to be accessible to people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities of all ages, and their...

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