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  1. Medication Support

    From: Care South Home Care

    We provide a wide range of medication support such as collecting your prescription to ensure that you never run out of your medication, reminding you to take your medication or if requested, administering your medication for you.

  2. Return from hospital support

    From: Care South Home Care

    Returning from hospital to recover from an operation can be a daunting experience. Make this stress free by contacting our home care service to prepare your house for your return, stocking your fridge, putting the heating on or cleaning the house – whatever...

  3. Intensive customer and family support

    From: Care South Home Care

    Unfortunately there are times in life where a bit of tender loving care is needed for the whole family. This is when a much loved family member or partner has an on-going debilitating illness or becomes terminally ill. Our award winning palliative care...

  4. Bereavement Services

    From: St. Margaret's Hospice Care

    We offer bereavement support to anyone who is mourning the death of a loved one who has been in St. Margaret's care. Our support comes in many forms as we understand that everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in different ways. The bereavement support...

  5. Night Care

    From: Care South Home Care

    From time to time, maybe due to an illness or if a family member or your carers would like the occasional night off, we can provide overnight care. This can either be a member of staff to sleep at your house to be on call should you need assistance, or...

  6. Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    From: BOC Healthcare

    Many people with respiratory condition become short of breath whilst carrying out every day activities.  Being short of breath can be very frightening.   This may cause some people reduce the amount of activity they do.  However, avoiding these activities...

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