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  1. TLC Homecare

    The ethos of TLC Homecare: improve the quality of life for patients and their families facing the problem associated with life threatening illness. End of life care helps people live as well as possible. Our palliative care is one that aims to and to...

  2. Incontinence support

    Continence problems affect about 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men. You don't have to put up with this. We tend not to talk to the doctor because we are embarrassed. The good news is that for 70% of people the symptoms can be improved and even cured. What's...

    • National Star College

      We are an outstanding (CQC 2017, Ofsted 2012) specialist college providing personalised learning and transition services for people with disabilities. We work with students with complex physical, learning, sensory and communication difficulties and acquired...

    • Medication Support

      From: Care South Home Care

      We provide a wide range of medication support such as collecting your prescription to ensure that you never run out of your medication, reminding you to take your medication or if requested, administering your medication for you.

    • Your guide to health services

      If you have an illness or injury, you may need medical help and advice. This information tells you about the health services choices available. Self-care Having a few basic items in your bathroom medicine cabinet can save you time and effort if you become...

      • Shopping Service

        From: Care South Home Care

        Shopping on your own can sometimes be difficult, impossible or just plain boring. We can provide transport and accompany you on a shopping trip; help you prepare a shopping list and go shopping for you or assist you to shop online for groceries or Christmas...

      • Home Oxygen Assessment

        From: BOC Healthcare

        Home oxygen assessment and review is a service provided for people with a chronic lung disease or any other condition requiring home oxygen therapy. You maybe referred because you already receive home oxygen therapy or you may have low oxygen levels....

      • Pulmonary Rehabilitation

        From: BOC Healthcare

        Many people with respiratory condition become short of breath whilst carrying out every day activities.  Being short of breath can be very frightening.   This may cause some people reduce the amount of activity they do.  However, avoiding these activities...

      • Night Care

        From: Care South Home Care

        From time to time, maybe due to an illness or if a family member or your carers would like the occasional night off, we can provide overnight care. This can either be a member of staff to sleep at your house to be on call should you need assistance, or...

      • Rehabilitation Service

        From: Care South Home Care

        Following an operation or accident we can help you to regain your skills, confidence and independence. We can assist with exercises (under the guidance of your physiotherapist), help you move around your home safely and advise on equipment and adaption...

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