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K H Care

Organisation type: Private

Hi, my name is Karen Hodge and I am a fully qualified carer with years of experience in a large care company, but have realised as an independent carer I can offer a higher level of care; personal, compassionate and trustworthy.

I believe I can achieve this higher level by being more flexible than large companies as well as offering continuity. I am able to develop a long lasting friendship with my clients to ensure they look forward to my next visit and will put their faith and trust in me.

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    Somerset County Council

    • Medium. Services where you may need to go into your customer’s home or you may spend 1-to1 time with them. Examples – Home meals, Drivers, Personal Assistants. You will need to upload: An Insurance certificate and any documentation relevant to the service you provide, e.g. DBS number/policy, driving license, food hygiene.
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