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Organisation details

CQB Care Consultancy

Organisation type: Private

CQB Care Consultancy provides specialist knowledge, advice, support and assistance with;

  • Adult Social Care Options,
  • Financing Adult Social Care, and
  • Welfare Benefits

CQB Care Consultancy can help you consider the options for Social Care Services for you and/or your loved ones.  We can give you specialist advice, support and guidance on the range of options available and the financial aspects and implications of each Care option.

CQB Care Consultancy can also give specialist advice to Carers, Care Providers, Legal & Financial Professionals about Care Options and financing Care Options to a depth they may not themselves have.

Claire Quinton, Proprietor and Specialist Consultant of CQB Care Consultancy, has over 14 years experience in Local Authority Adult Social Care Funding and Financing, including financial Assessments and Calculations.  Claire has extensive knowledge of The Care Act 2014 - particularly Charging for Care Services, Ordinary Residence, and Outcomes Focused Assessments/Personalisation.  In addition, Claire has over 17 years experience in Welfare Benefits.

Whether you are (or will be) Local Authority Funded or Self-funding, if you are confused or unsure about the Care Options available, how funding works, how to arrange Care, the assessment process etc, CQB Care Consultancy can help you.

Call CQB Care Consultancy today to discuss your Care Needs and situation.  If CQB Care Consultancy feel that we are able to help you we will provide you with a free, no obligation quotation for our services. 

If you accept our quotation, in most cases we will then have an initial face-to-face Consultation Meeting to discuss your circumstances, your Care Needs and your wishes.  We will then provide you with a summary report and recommendations for any further action that could be undertaking with you and/or on your behalf by CQB Care Consultancy.

We can also signpost you on to other services and complanies that may be of use to you and help you to access these.

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