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PPP Taking Care

Organisation type: Private

PPP Taking Care provide personal alarms for the elderly, giving them the freedom and peace of mind to live independently in their own homes.

PPP Taking Care have provided telecare personal alarm services for over 30 years and support more than 50,000 customers. Our personal alarms are reliable and easy to use. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the press of a button on the pendant alarm or wristband alarm. This connects automatically to our response centre, who can provide support and advice and contact keyholders or the emergency services if required.

An installation service is available to customers in Somerset. Our telecare services are audited annually by the TSA (Telecare Services Association) and 98% of alarm calls are answered with 60 seconds - so you can be confident help is available at any time during the day or night.


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    Somerset County Council

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