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Organisation details

British Red Cross

Organisation type: Voluntary or Community Sector

British Red Cross Independent Living - Somerset

We offer a variety of services in Somerset, they include:

  • Support at Home
  • Transport Support - Oncology Treatment
  • Mobility Aids

Our contact details are:

01823 273707 - Support at Home / Transport Support

01283 273746 - Mobilty Aids

Useful information

    How to find us

    Vendor AccreditationLevels

    Check levels

    This provider has chosen the following check level(s):

    Somerset County Council

    • Medium. Services where you may need to go into your customer’s home or you may spend 1-to1 time with them. Examples – Home meals, Drivers, Personal Assistants. You will need to upload: An Insurance certificate and any documentation relevant to the service you provide, e.g. DBS number/policy, driving license, food hygiene.
    • Low. Services where you do not spend 1-to-1 time with your customers or go into their home. We do not require you to upload any documents. Examples – Social clubs, support groups.
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    British Red Cross logo

    Business Address:

    British Red Cross
    Livingstone Way
    TA2 6BD