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New Leaf Life Design

Organisation type: Private

New Leaf Life Design offers counselling and coaching services for Somerset, Devon and beyond, it is about growth and change in a caring, fully supported environment. At times people need help because of life events or ongoing situations that cause real anxiety and unhappiness. 

At New Leaf our counselling services help clients believe in themselves and develop abilities to design their own lives and take charge of what happens to them. We gained our Trading Standards approved status in October 2014.

Our counsellors are based throughout Somerset and Devon have been specially selected, and have a modern approach. There is no system we expect clients to fit into, we work flexibly to meet people's different needs in a way that fully supports each individual. Just as a leaf unfolds, grows toward the light and becomes stronger, so at New Leaf Life Design our counselling services help effect lasting change, starting at the core by building self-awareness and self-belief, helping people become more resilient in their personal and working lives.

Trading Standards Approved Status

Here is a video about our services

Counselling at New Leaf Life Design

The concept of Life Design stems from a desire to help you recognise the elements in your life that are stunting your growth and preventing you from flourishing and really enjoying the experience of this strange thing we call ‘life’.

How will Life Design help? Whether you need help with personal development, bereavement, relationships, stress at work, family problems, anger and stress, emotions or post traumatic stress, with New Leaf at your side, you will work through and resolve the issues, challenges and difficulties that are holding you back.

You will:

  • Not have to face your challenges alone;
  • Explore past events and their impact on your life, your perceptions and your experiences;
  • Learn how to review and challenge your mindset;
  • Say goodbye to negative thought patterns and make way for more positive thinking;
  • Be encouraged to re-design your life and step into a new chapter of your story with confidence.

The counselling service at New Leaf is designed to give you:

  • Focused, modern counselling from an experienced, qualified therapist
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence leading to better personal and professional relationships
  • Greater awareness of how to address your anger and stress as well as that of the people you work with
  • Increased ability to understand your feelings and how to express them appropriately
  • More power to manage situations in your home and work life
  • Skills to help you with relaxation
  • Skills to help you with stress management

Counselling at New Leaf offers a supportive relationship in which you explore any issue at your own pace.  Importantly, you are accepted for who you are.  Counselling at New Leaf can help you see difficulties more objectively and express your feelings, helping you come to terms with new or past experiences.  It can be part of a growing process enabling you to change unwanted feelings. Many people see counselling as an opportunity to undertake personal development in a safe environment – it not necessary to have a “problem” to find counselling useful.

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    New Leaf Life Design
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