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Health Connections Mendip

Organisation type: NHS

The Health Connections service is available to patients in Mendip who would like support with health and wellbeing issues, for example self-managing a long term health condition, increasing social connectedness or changing health related behaviours. There are many ways to get involved either if you would like to give or receive support.

Community Development - Services and groups operating within the Mendip area, such as accessible exercise classes and support groups, have been mapped and information about services can be given to patients. Where patients indicate an unmet need, the Health Connections team can also help them to set up their own support groups such as Stroke Support Groups, COPD Support Groups, Macular Degeneration Support groups and more. We listen to patients and if there is a need for a group, we can help you set one up. Health Connections Mendip also hold Talking Cafés, On Track Groups, Pain Management Programmes, Weekly Weigh Ins and lots more. You can search for these under the Support Group section of Somerset Choices website.

Health Connectors - Health Connectors work one-to-one with patients in GP practices in each Mendip Federation area. As well as listening to patients’ health stories and signposting to local services, they can assist patients to set health-related goals that are meaningful to them, and support them to make changes that last.

Health Champions – Health Champions are patients who help spread the word about all the groups and services that there are in Mendip. Health Champions are trained to signpost people that they meet out and about in the community to the support that they might need. We have GP Practice Based Health Champions, Digital Health Champions, Community Health Champions and Youth Health Champions.

The service has a web based directory of groups and services accessible through a link from their website. To find out more about their service call or visit their website.


Patients self-refer to the service at:

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