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  1. FHS24 Nursing+Care Agency

    Our services in the community

    At FHS24 Nursing+Care Agency, we offer care tailored to individual needs. This includes Live-In-Care, 24 Hours supported care at home, Waking Nights, Sleep In and Sitters


    24 Hours Care / Single carer

    To support a client who is still mobile in their own home, needs care companion, to assist and promote independence, personal care, meal preparation and domestic duties.

    Live-in carer

    Live-in carers offer full support in all areas of daily life such as personal care, meal preparation and general day-to-day duties whilst living at the client’s house. They are also happy to support clients with their hobbies, interests and where possible take clients out, encouraging integration within the wider community.

    Waking nights

    The carer will be awake and able to respond to your requests whether it is medication prompts, a cup of tea or to make sure that you are positioned comfortably.

    Sleep In

    Sleep in carer will usually sleep in clients address to provide extra reassurance to service user who are worried or anxious about being alone at night.


    Day sits provide respite for families who are the main carer for the client. The day sitter assists with all aspects of care and provides companionship for the client and peace of mind for the family.

    We provide support to Service Users funded by Social Services or Continual Health Care (CHC) and those who require Private Packages of Care.

    For More information Visit our Website: or call 24/7 Mobile No: 07775449564